1230 Business School FAQ

We have been asked so many different questions about 1230 Business School that we have decided to put our answers to them in one place. chances are the question you want to ask has already been asked but if you don’t see your question here please feel free to contact us and ask your question.

  1. Do all your trainers have business experience?
    A.  All our trainers have business experience, are qualified trainers by experience and/or certification and are specialist in what they do.
  2. What sort of course material is provided?
    A.  This is subject to the course.  There will always be some supportive material, and we always recommend our delegates take their own notes too.
  3. What do I need to bring to the workshops
    A.  Generally pen and paper and sometimes laptop or iPad
  4. Are meals and refreshments provided as part of the cost?
    A.  We are pleased to provide all refreshments with our compliments.  Lunch is provided for full-day courses.
  5. I’m just starting out in business. Do I have to do all the courses?
    A.  We recommend that you take as many courses as your budget allows.  We are always happy to discuss a package that fits your requirements.
  6. How much does it cost?
    A.  Details of costs are always on the page of Course details
  7. I leave marketing, PR and finances to my agencies. Why do I need a workshop to tell me what they do?
    A.  Our experience and feedback tells us that it is important to attend these courses so that you are able to direct your agencies appropriately and speak the same industry language.  You will also have an understanding of their limitations and see what is achievable.
  8. My business is well-established will the courses be too basic for me?
    A.  If you are in any doubt as to the course suitability for you, why not call us to talk through your requirements.  Totally tailored courses are also available.
  9. How do I find out more?
    A.  Just call us on 020 8650 8015 or just email us 
  10. How do I book?
    A.  You’ll find a “booking” button on the Course page
  11. How do I pay?
    A.  You’ll find a “Pay Now” button on the Course page for easy on-line payment, with immediate Receipt.  Alternatively you can pay by cheque, but we do charge £15 administration fee
  12. What are your terms and conditions?
    A.  Full Terms & Conditions can be found here
  13. Where are the workshops held?
    A.  Training sessions are held in classrooms, desk-side, on-site  for clients’ convenience or delivered in suitably equipped convivial venues.   Courses can be open or closed.
  14. How long do the workshops last?
    A.  Sessions can be half or full-day.
  15. Can I spread a series of workshops over a period of time?
    A.  Yes, we are delighted to talk through how we can help you.
  16. How will I know which are the best workshops for my company?
    A.  It’s essential to us to that we provide the best service for you.  Just call us on 020 8650 8015 or just email us  and  we can discuss the options with you.
  17. I can’t make the dates published How often are the courses repeated?
    A.  Just call us on 020 8650 8015 or just email us   so that we can update you with details.
  18. If I book and then I am unable to attend will my money be refunded?
    A.  Please refer to our T&C
  19. Why should I train with the 1230 Business School
    MD Jackie Groundsell is qualified by many years’ experience in designing and delivering training courses in the IT industry and is CertEd FE qualified; as well as business applications, she also delivers training in effective networking and presentation skills. All 1230 Business School trainers are specialists in what they do and unlike some specialists, they excel in imparting that information to you, our clients. Our team of specialists has 100s of years experience in their specialist areas, with the ability to bring them to meet your needs.
  20. Is the training just for women? 
  21. A.  1230 Business School training courses are open to everyone
  22. What guarantees do you offer?
    A.  We want you to receive incredible value, so if you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can repeat the course OR attend another 1230 Business School course of your choice, absolutely FREE. (Terms and Conditions apply).
  23. I’m a 1230 TWC Member, do I pay the same as everyone else?
    A.  We value all our clients hugely, especially 1230 TWC Members, that’s why you pay less, which can be as much as 50% less than a non-member for exactly the same training.