Shortcut Saturdays

Let’s face it…

we are all time poor

Shortcut Saturdays give you maximum results in a short space of time, without overwhelming you.

You know that when using a computer, given time, ultimately, you’ll get the results you want (or not).

These ½ day hands-on sessions, packed full of time-saving tips will make your computer day EASIER and more EFFICIENT.

Guided by the Trainer and subject to your choice of session you will come away with:

  • Beautiful tailored Ribbons
  • Greater keyboard shortcut skills (saving you time and making your day easier and more efficient – the combination of keyboard strokes with mouse skills help prevent RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).
  • Your very own Quick Access Toolbar
  • Quicker ways to move around your machine/work
  • Magical introductory Excel Formulae
  • Death by Powerpoint – not!
  • Outlook Overload? – time-saving tips
  • Management of images/pictures
  • Avoid – I can’t find my file!
  • Social Media time-savers
  • Data admin
  • Personalised emails / Mailmerge
  • Tailor your own
  • Troubleshooting Clinic and much more…

Bring your Windows laptop and questions and leave with a tailored time-saving TO YOUR NEEDS machine, plus a surprise treat or 2!

These courses are non-techie – all welcome

Cost £47 per 10.15 am – 12.45 am session, including light refreshments

5-4-4 – Buy 4 sessions in advance, get the 5th FREE!

Downloadable details

Other Topics soon