CPD is your secret success weapon

Business presentationContinued Personal and Professional Development (CPD) is so much more than another workshop, seminar or interesting read.

Training and personal development include activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations which undoubtedly are important factors that will contribute with your business success.

Entrepreneurs focused on their own professional development are likely to better perform in the office with themselves and their staff. We share with you here why we consider training and personal development is so important for you and your business growth.  This includes a broad outline of skills and topics to give you an idea of importance.

  • Training helps you to develop effective time management bringing opportunities to organise your own workload including delegattion, scheduling and planning your daily business tasks.
  • Through training and personal development you learn how to make requests, deflect anger, deal with conflict and say “no” convincingly. These important topics help you face these situations at work.
  • Training enables you to be effective in meetings, helping you to define and manage the expectations of your customers, staff, stakeholders or suppliers. With a self-development attitude, you can influence others and gain assertiveness by getting your points heard.
  • Team building,  successfully balancing effective team roles, team spirit and your personal needs to create an effective team that reflects well on you, your business.
  • The benefits of developing training for yourself are huge, helping you to gain better tone and skills when you communicate with others in the spoken and written word.
  • Training helps you to gain better interpersonal skills, enabling better relationships within your team and with others because you will be able to understand yourself and others better, working together effectively, building rapport and trust and managing difficult situations. These are significant factors for essential rapport with your customers.
  • Training and self-development enable you to self-motivate, engage and encourage others to do business with you.  It has been demonstrated that motivated people work more efficiently and make better decisions for their companies.
  • Training in negotiation skills are highly important, helping you to achieve your key objectives and be more successful in your business relationships.  An important factor in today’s business world where collaborative negotiations play an important part on today’s competitive landscape.
  • Self-development enables you to train your mind to think quickly and creatively, in a way that will benefit your company.  Training gives you greater flexibility and aids openness to new ideas and suggestions from others.
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Jackie, otherwise known as The Connector because of her amazing ability to not only connect the dots to help you build a bigger picture for your business but also because she quite literally thinks in terms of connections. She always knows someone she can introduce you to that will help you move closer to achieving your goals. Her little black book is littered with influential people across all walks of life.

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