Networking Skills -The Ultimate Blueprint

Ultimate Networking Skills BlueprintBefore social media and the internet, business people met face to face either in one to one meeting or in groups. As a method for generating warm, even hot leads, business networking has long been considered one of the most responsive methods of marketing available to a business owner. Networking offers the business owner the opportunity to make contacts, meet potential customers, and further down the line even secure a sale that might have gone to someone else had they not made that connection. That is why it is important for every business owner to develop their networking skills.

Networking isn’t a holy grail, the secret of which is only revealed at birth to born entrepreneurs (whether or not entrepreneurs are born or made is a whole other debate). Everyone  is gifted with the ability to network effectively. This is because as human beings we are hard wired for relationships. We are social animals and making connections and building relationship is what has helped us become the dominant species on this planet. To network effectively it takes effort from you.

This book is a great point of reference to take as your starting point to develop your networking skills and be an effective networker. It is designed to re-awaken the true networker in you so that you:-

  1. find it easy and relaxing to network and
  2. benefit from the fruits of your talents by becoming the kind of person people naturally want to do business with.

It is a FACT, in business people buy people first then products and services. Even when it appears that there are no visible individuals representing the company, successful brands have personalities that customers identify with through a subconscious personification.

This means that the fundamental element of successful networking is YOU. Getting you “right” is more than being able to say the right things or nod in the right places.

If the number one reason why people are unsuccessful at business networking is because they think it is all about them, ie they do more talking than listening, the number two reason is that they think it is all about the sale. Thinking that networking is only about making a contact that is either going to buy from your or refer you to someone who is going to buy from you is the road to failure.

The final building block of successful business networking happens post meeting. All your hard work could be undone if you:

  1. fail to follow up and
  2. waste the opportunity by being unprepared or even reverting to old habits when you meet your new connection in a one to one follow up meeting.

Develop your networking skills

The Ultimate Networking Blueprint is the most comprehensive guide for improving your networking skills and becoming a successful expert networker  you will find. Based on Jackie Groundsell – The Business Connector’s more than 10 years experience of running the leading networking organisation for business women, 1230 The Women’s Company and connecting 1000s of businesses in profitable partnerships; the value of which is estimated at over £30 million. This book gives you step by step instructions on:

  • How to build your confidence, communication skills and charisma (yes you can learn how to be a charismatic person who attracts people to them like bees to honey).
  • How to identify the most productive meetings to attend for your business
  • How to maximise your time both at, before and after networking events
  • How to prepare for one to one follow up meetings so you build mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with new connections
  • How to make that all important great first impression

There are also useful templates and step by step instructions for improving your networking skills. Such as a template for planning and scheduling your events and a guide for developing an effective one minute presentation so you are never lost for how to introduce yourself or describe what you offer.

All this and much, much more information on developing your networking skills is available for you to download completely FREE. Yes Free, it’s our gift to you for your interest in the 1230 Business School.

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CPD is your secret success weapon

Business presentationContinued Personal and Professional Development (CPD) is so much more than another workshop, seminar or interesting read.

Training and personal development include activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations which undoubtedly are important factors that will contribute with your business success.

Entrepreneurs focused on their own professional development are likely to better perform in the office with themselves and their staff. We share with you here why we consider training and personal development is so important for you and your business growth.  This includes a broad outline of skills and topics to give you an idea of importance.

  • Training helps you to develop effective time management bringing opportunities to organise your own workload including delegattion, scheduling and planning your daily business tasks.
  • Through training and personal development you learn how to make requests, deflect anger, deal with conflict and say “no” convincingly. These important topics help you face these situations at work.
  • Training enables you to be effective in meetings, helping you to define and manage the expectations of your customers, staff, stakeholders or suppliers. With a self-development attitude, you can influence others and gain assertiveness by getting your points heard.
  • Team building,  successfully balancing effective team roles, team spirit and your personal needs to create an effective team that reflects well on you, your business.
  • The benefits of developing training for yourself are huge, helping you to gain better tone and skills when you communicate with others in the spoken and written word.
  • Training helps you to gain better interpersonal skills, enabling better relationships within your team and with others because you will be able to understand yourself and others better, working together effectively, building rapport and trust and managing difficult situations. These are significant factors for essential rapport with your customers.
  • Training and self-development enable you to self-motivate, engage and encourage others to do business with you.  It has been demonstrated that motivated people work more efficiently and make better decisions for their companies.
  • Training in negotiation skills are highly important, helping you to achieve your key objectives and be more successful in your business relationships.  An important factor in today’s business world where collaborative negotiations play an important part on today’s competitive landscape.
  • Self-development enables you to train your mind to think quickly and creatively, in a way that will benefit your company.  Training gives you greater flexibility and aids openness to new ideas and suggestions from others.