In this ever-changing business environment it is important that we keep our fingers on its pulse, stay informed and frequently update our skills so that we are better prepared and better equipped for today’s business opportunities and challenges.

Jackie Groundsell Bromley Business Woman of The YearHi, Jackie Groundsell here

Are you, like me on the look out for cost effective ways to stay ahead of the competition and keep up to date with the skills you need to grow your business?

If that is you then you’ve come to the right place (and if that is not you then I would like to ask you why?)

I know the importance of training and the disappointments that we sometimes feel when the training did not live up to our expectations or we have no idea how to apply what we have just learnt when we get back to the office, that’s just some of the reasons why I’ve created the
1230 Business School.

Connecting people to the right people and to the right resources is what I have been doing with business owners, like you, for the last 10 years. I am also an experienced IT trainer so 1230 Business School is simply an extension of that and my mission to help you and your business be more successful (Oops I forgot to mention that I am also Beckenham Business Woman of the year).

1230 Business School is not school as usual, it has been created with you in mind and from my little black book of contacts and connections I have chosen the best trainers, who are business owners like yourself, who have 100s of years experience between them, in their respective fields and more importantly have the ability to share it with you and show you how to use it for yourself.

Let’s face it things are constantly changing in the market place and you cannot possibly keep ahead of it all.

At 1230 Business School we promise to provide you with the up to the minute information and training you need to stay ahead of the pack, packaged in a way that you can easily absorb and immediately put in to action.

We cut through the clutter by gearing our courses towards a pathway for success. Whether you choose to take one or all of our courses you will find that they all have very clear aims, objectives and next step actions so that you know exactly what to expect from each session you take with us.

Why choose 1230 Business School?

  • 1230 Business School provides you with a range of relevant courses in a central location with easy access to transport links
  • 1230 Business Trainers are entrepreneurs themselves who know their stuff and understand that small businesses want practical skills and not jargon nor gobbledy gook.
  • You walk away from each session with practical steps and with clear and concise “What Next” Action Notes to put what you have learnt into practice straight away.

Your time is precious

We know that your time is valuable and that every penny counts.   We also know that no business can realistically survive without ongoing business development (remember I am there too) so with this in mind all our training is easy to access, convenient, cost effective and relevant.

At 1230 Business School we cut through the clutter to provide relevant and targeted training sessions where you also get to connect with other business owners and maybe even have a bit of fun along the way.

How can you afford to be without it!


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Jackie Groundsell
MD 1230 Business School