Jackie Groundsell

Jackie Groundsell Bromley Business Woman of The YearJackie, otherwise known as The Connector because of her amazing ability to not only connect the dots to help you build a bigger picture for your business but also because she quite literally thinks in terms of connections. She always knows someone she can introduce you to that will help you move closer to achieving your goals. Her little black book is littered with influential people across all walks of life.

Jackie is a natural people person and her career path has always been about helping others to get more out of their lives – from ad agency to St Christopher’s Hospice to IT Training – and long before it became popular to host networking events Jackie was busily laying the foundations for the now successful 1230 TWC (The Women’s Company) a business women’s network uniting women across the UK through shared experiences and training.

Jackie loves to talk but it is her skill as a good listener that makes her a great communicator and helps her build her connections and yours. Described by her peers as “inspirational, supportive and motivational”, she is always willing to go the extra mile just because.

For Jackie each connection is an extension of her vibrant stable of friends and  she admits that she is “happiest when things are going well for the people around her.”

Her signature red hair adds to the character of a bold and savvy business woman who is happy to stand out in the crowd, a skill that she happily shares and teaches to others.

Jackie is always on the look out for ways of giving back and is involved with a number of projects and initiatives in her local community.

As the Beckenham Businesswoman Star of the year 2012 Jackie has three bits of useful advice for business owners:

  1. Always research what you’re doing, see what other people are doing and look for the opportunities
  2. Always listen to your gut instinct
  3. Enjoy what you do.

Building on the success of 1230 TWC Jackie is currently building the 1230 Business School to further her support for business owners by helping them to acquire the necessary skills to compete effectively in this ever changing market place and she has invited her connections to get involved.